Sally Minty-Gravett’s tips on why it’s great to swim in the sea

We are delighted to secure the support of Sally Minty-Gravett for our 30 Bays in 30 Days Challenge, so we asked her to share her thoughts on the health benefits of sea swimming.

In my view, the beach and a sea swim may be the ultimate place to go for relaxation and stress relief. But why does it feel so good? Having done some research, I have come across the following facts :

  1. It improves lymphatic and cardiovascular circulation : the cold water encourages faster flowing blood, hence improving circulation through the blood stream
  2. It reduces muscle and joint inflammation : we all know about injuries and ICE treatment (ice, compression and elevation). Sea swimming really does aid recovery
  3. It boosts happiness levels : being outside is part of this as well, but it really does make you smile
  4. Increased weight loss : due to increasing the brown fat in our bodies

Take your time and once you get over the momentary shock when getting in, and provided you are sensible and don’t stay in too long, it’s fun to swim with like-minded friends and super-exhilarating.

It is important to advise that this should never be done alone or without anyone watching you. Have fun with friends and try one minute, build up slowly over the month and never stay in too long.

Once you are warm and dry, and enjoying a nice warm drink, the tingling in your body is wonderful!

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